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The MWE Distribution Advisor – Winter 2017 Edition

The MWE Distribution Advisor is our quarterly e-newsletter focused on the specific concerns of Distributors. You’ll find industry exclusive content related to improving overall productivity as well as important updates about tax laws and regulations.

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Compensation packages: Finding the right fit

Many distributors are struggling with attracting and retaining skilled workers and complying with government regulations, such as the Department of Labor’s overtime regulations and the shared-responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act. This article reveals surprising statistics about health insurance coverage by small businesses. It also provides compelling reasons to buck the trend to not offer health coverage and offers creative alternatives for controlling labor costs. A sidebar highlights the benefits of hiring veterans, including a temporary tax break called the Work Opportunity credit.
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Waste not, want not
Audit warehouse operations for inefficiencies

Management can never be too busy to review how warehouses are laid out and how employees move around the space. Small adjustments can make a big difference in the bottom line. This article offers three steps toward more efficient warehouse management: 1. Know your cycle time, 2. Implement improvements and 3. Consider technology.
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Use management letters to improve your business

Audited financial statements typically come with a surprise bonus that business owners might not be aware of: the management letter. This article describes what’s required to be reported in the management letter, how a company can use it and the types of comments a CPA may voluntarily opt to report to demonstrate his or her commitment to the client’s success.
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Valuation basics
What you need to know before transferring ownership

A business valuation is important when deciding whether to transfer ownership to the next generation — or to sell the business to a third party and give the next generation the sales proceeds (or alternative investments purchased from those proceeds). This article describes business valuation methods and the current state of the M&A market.
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