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The MWE Distribution Advisor – Fall 2017 Edition

The MWE Distribution Advisor is our quarterly e-newsletter focused on the specific concerns of Distributors. The Fall edition points out what tax issues to consider when investing in training and recruiting, learning how to survive a family business “divorce,” the pros and cons of financing versus leasing equipment, and understanding and reducing cyberrisks.

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Tax issues to consider when investing in training and recruiting

Many manufacturers are concerned about the lack of skilled workers. This article explains some cost-effective training and recruiting solutions. A sidebar discusses the state, federal and practical guidance for paying interns.
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Family businesses: How to survive a “divorce”

Many successful distribution businesses are run by families. Unfortunately, family members sometimes disagree and decide to part ways. This article discusses valuation methods and common adjustments that apply when dividing marital estates and buying out dissenting shareholders from the family business. 
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Loan or Lease: What’s the smartest way to finance new asset purchases?

Distributors that need to expand their facilities or update equipment may be weighing the pros and cons of financing vs. leasing. This article explains tax, financial and practical considerations to help business owners make informed decisions.
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Understanding and reducing cyberrisks

Data breaches can cause safety issues, negative publicity, lost productivity, and compromised personal and corporate data. This article explains the cost of data breach and outlines ways to help prevent attacks from inside and outside an organization.
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