The artificial intelligence revolution is here

Infographic: Artificial intelligence by the numbers.

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Infographic: How to spend less, much less, in 2019

Automate This - The AI revolution is hereMachine learning, chatbots, autonomous vehicles. What was science fiction not long ago has become today's reality. Yet many challenges remain. Once issue: Workers are anxious about how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect their current jobs and long-term employment prospects.Businesses Expect a lot From AI*90% growth | 86% productivity | 84% innovation | 69% job creation*Source: The Economist and Microsoft, "Intelligent economies: AI's transformation of industries and society"Implementation is Accelerating*2018: 25% use AI | 2019: 37% use AI*Source: Gartner, "2019 CIO Survey"But Business Leaders See Obstacles*42% financial risk | 36% lack of resources | 35% employee skills gap | 32% security concerns*Source: The Economist and MicrosoftEmployees Are Adaptable*70% already use AI in personal life yet only 24% use AI at work. 93% say they would trust orders from a robot.*Source: Oracle and Future Workplace, "AI at work"AI Will Have Long-Term Impacts*6 in 10 current occupations involve at least 30% automatable activities. By 2030, approximately 15% of hours worked globally could be automated.Source: McKinsey Global Institute, "Jobs lost, jobs gained: What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages©2019