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The Busy Season: ‘We Got Through It Just Fine’


MWE Year One 2014 HEADER - The Busy Season: ‘We Got Through It Just Fine’

The period from New Year’s through mid-April has a fearsome reputation in the accounting world. Helping our clients with their tax obligations is one of our most important tasks, and the weeks leading up to April 15th are indeed a busy time.

But it’s not as scary as you may have heard. At MWE, we work together to meet the challenge in an upbeat way. Here’s what some of our staff members had to say after their first tax season:

“My first busy season at MWE was educational, and surprisingly enjoyable. Obviously it’s a business and we work hard, but it’s also a cheerful atmosphere and we have lots of laughs.”

“I was worried about my first tax season, but my new colleagues quickly put me at ease. Managers, seniors and co-workers took the time to work with me. You get a lot of support.”

“My first tax season went by in the blink of an eye. In some ways it’s the best time of the year – you really learn a lot. And after tax season ended, there was a great feeling of accomplishment.”

“We had longer hours and we worked on Saturdays, but it wasn’t bad at all! Yeah, it was a little overwhelming at times, but we got through it just fine – and then we had a party!”

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