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NY Firm Escapes the Office After Tax Season

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Back by popular demand, MWE hosted its second annual post-busy season “ Escape the Office” event for the staff. In May, one of our conference rooms was transformed into a carnival, and participants had to escape before a thunderstorm struck. After the event, CPA Practice Advisor interviewed Managing Partner Craig Savell, Partner Amy Joyce and HR Director Christine Brennan-Savino about this wildly successful event.

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One Long Island-based tax and business advisory firm discovered a unique and fun way to show appreciation for their employees and celebrate the end of a busy tax season. For the second consecutive year, accounting and business advisory firm Margolin, Winer & Evens (MWE), hosted its own “Escape the Office” challenge for its employees to celebrate the end of tax season. Leaning on the popular “Escape the Room” concept, MWE devised its own in-office challenge for teams to take on.

“We always find a way to celebrate the end of the season as a team,” Christine Brennan-Savino, Director of Human Resources said, “Launching the ‘Escape the Office’ event was the perfect way for our team to kick off the end of a busy tax season.”

“Though it wasn’t the easiest option, we wanted to fully customize the experience for the staff,” added Marketing Supervisor Michael Weingartner, who brainstormed and developed the carnival theme, complete with ferris wheel and trick mini-toilets that squirted water at unsuspecting participants. “The employees loved the unique approach,” Brennan-Savino said, “and had a blast trying to find their way out.”

“The course was a challenge, but I enjoyed working with my team to solve it,” said MWE partner Amy Joyce. “The event is actually similar to our busy season. We have to come together as a team in a pressured environment in order to accomplish our goal.”

“Finding a way to reward employees for their hard work and to help them unwind after months of long hours is essential to maintaining a positive company culture and keeping morale high,” says Craig Savell, Managing Partner at MWE, who also participated in the event this year. “Our annual ‘Escape the Office’ event brings employees of all levels together to have some fun and celebrate a job well done.”  Read More>>>

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