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Keys to Successful Private Equity Real Estate Partnerships

Today’s real estate market holds win-win opportunities for both private equity and closely held property owners. As with any business arrangement, however, successful partnering requires that both types of entities understand the nuances of their agreement up front. Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure a mutually profitable outcome.

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Low-Hanging Fruit for Year-End Tax Planning

With two weeks to go until the New Year, now is the time for businesses and individuals to reach for low-hanging fruit in end-of-year tax planning. While the new tax law reduced the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent, many small- and mid-size businesses still benefit from pass-through entity status. The tax ramifications…

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Financing Options for Middle-Market Businesses

With slowly rising interest rates, many middle-market businesses are reevaluating their borrowing options. Before closing the deal, it’s important to fully understand the differences between traditional and alternative funding sources. Here’s a look at each. Alternative Lending While the market is still strong, many businesses are considering selling before valuations dip. For prospective buyers, nontraditional…

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