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MWE Moves – Follow us on our journey

Follow us on our journey from our old office to our new home at RXR Plaza.

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Christine: After 15 years of being in the old building we had a decision to make. Do we stay or do we go? So we obviously weighed all the options but we’re a different firm than we were 15 years ago. We were looking for a space now that’s more representative of who we are today in 2020. The way in which we work, the type of work that we do; we wanted to be more accessible to one another between our partners and our staff and our staff amongst each other. We were really looking for a new wide open space that represented who Margolin, Winer & Evens was in 2020.Craig: We made the move and it was an exciting opportunity. We were fortunate when our lease expired because we looked at a tremendous amount of different spaces, all different parts of the Island. Once we saw this space, it kind of spoke for itself. People were reacting, “Oh this is like coming to a New York City atmosphere.” I think that it exudes energy and it exudes professionalism. All the things that we wanted to accomplish.Christine: There’s a lot of helpful amenities here. We have this tremendous café at the new space at RXR Plaza. We have a nursery here for working moms and working dads. There’s a gym here that I know people have joined already if they want to work out during the day, in the beginning of the day, the end of the day, etcetera.Craig: I think the staff had the same reaction that we did when we initially saw the space. I do think the views are that spectacular - whether its north, south, east or west. I think everybody for the most part has a nice view and I think they reacted positively to the openness of the office space, the lightness, the brightness, and just the general professionalism of the building. I think it’s certainly the best views on Long Island.Christine: We look a little different, we feel a little different, and quite honestly that was the goal. So you can say success was met with the change.Craig: This space allows us to work towards the future. As I said, it’s open, it’s exciting, it’s clean. It’s got room for expansion and bringing in people. People want to be in this environment. People can say, “Wow this is a certain caliber of firm.” It does speak to who we want to be and who I believe we already are, but in many respects it just moves the firm forward.