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MWE hosts ‘Escape The Office’ Event for Staff

At the conclusion of the 2017 busy season, MWE’s Marketing Department masterminded a fun, interactive, team-building event called “Escape the Office” for the staff. Twelve teams of four attempted to escape one of the firm’s prison themed conference rooms by solving numerous clues in 30-minutes or less. Following the event, Long Island Business News interviewed participants Ray Chang and Catherine Chrisafis about the bedlam that ensued and what they got out of the experience.

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Catherine Chrisafis, an audit senior and a member of the winning team, likened the escape challenge to a “mini, compressed busy season.”

“No matter how much planning goes into it, it’s always a bit chaotic once you’re thrown into it,” she said. “But then you settle down and get into a groove, and you realize you need to rely on collaboration and teamwork. You have to rely on the team and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and before you know it, you’ve escaped.”

Raymond Chang’s team came in second. Chang, who is a senior manager, recounted that his team solved six of the seven challenges.

“I think if I had to do it myself, it would have been nearly impossible, but as a team everyone brought out-of-the-box thinking, and we were able to see things a little better,” Chang said. “One of the challenges was a jigsaw puzzle, and it took us some time to get it completed. I was a little afraid all along that the puzzle was a waste of time, and when we completed it and saw that the puzzle said ‘You’ve been framed’ I thought we had wasted our time. But then a guy on my team noticed there was a frame in the room, and there was another clue behind the frame.”

“In this exercise, we were trying to think of solutions by thinking outside the box, which is something we could all do a little more,” he said. “The activity got everyone to come out of their shells a little bit.”

Kim Feustel, a senior accountant in the small business practice group, was part of a team that fell shy by two clues.

“Most teams found five or six clues, so I think it was just the right amount of challenge,” she said. “It was great playing with a team of coworkers who all have different skills. We may not have understood the riddles as individuals, but we were able to figure out the riddles together.”  *Read More>>

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