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MWE Blog Helps Business Owners Navigate State and Local Taxes

Few things are as frustrating to business owners as getting state tax notices or assessments telling them that their business is subject to taxes in states in which they don’t have a location. To add to that frustration, state tax laws are in constant flux and rarely favor out-of-state businesses, which often find themselves being audited and asked to pay additional taxes in far flung locations. To help make sense out of the ever-changing world of state tax laws, MWE Tax Director Joe Pizzimenti is authoring a new blog on the topic, “SALT Strategies. “The blog will be written by Joe, an attorney who heads up MWE’s SALT practice. Joe has more than 20 years of experience focusing on state and local taxation, and will be writing the blog along with his dedicated team of SALT experts. Joe’s vision for the blog is to enhance awareness of state and local tax changes, pronouncements and court decisions, analyze the environment and some of the unstated consequences that might arise from these changes, and “help you connect the dots between the many pronouncements and how it might affect your business,” said Pizzimenti. “Most importantly, SALT Strategies will be dedicated to enhancing your state and local tax acumen and knowledge through thoughtfully and carefully filtering out the “noise” that often accompanies state and local tax issues,” he added. Please visit the blog today.