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MWE Advisor October Highlights

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October highlights from The MWE Advisor: Spotlight on individual tax matters in the 2020 election; 7 expiring tax breaks for individuals.

Spotlight on Individual Tax Matters in the 2020 Election

This year, federal taxes will be a top concern for voters. In addition to affecting the amount of taxes you’ll owe, tax laws can be used to facilitate policy initiatives. Here’s an overview of where we stand a day before Election Day, as well as the directions the candidates would like to take us on federal tax issues that will affect taxpayers and their families after the election. Read More

7 Expiring Tax Breaks for Individuals

Every year, many Americans wait to see if Congress will extend certain expiring federal tax breaks for another year or two. In today’s uncertain environment, you may not want to take anything for granted. Here are some expiring tax breaks you might want to cash in on before year end. Proper planning can help substantially lower your 2020 federal tax bill. Read More

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