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MWE Advisor June Highlights

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June highlights from The MWE Advisor: Tips to lower gas costs on your summer road trip; Which states are opting out of federal unemployment benefits? 

Tips to Lower Gas Costs on Your Summer Road Trip

Many families are planning a road trip this summer. Compared to air travel, road trips make it easier to socially distance, which limits exposure to COVID-19 — plus, road trips are generally easier on the pocketbook. Unfortunately, rising gas prices could put a crimp in your travel plans. Here’s information to help you keep costs down, including which states you’ll pay the least for gas and which rental cars offer the highest gas mileage. Read More

Which States Are Opting Out of Federal Unemployment Benefits?

In recent weeks, many employers have complained about how difficult it is to fill job openings. COVID-19 cases are drastically falling, yet some businesses can’t get all their employees to come back to work. Which states have ended the $300 per week federal unemployment benefit in a bid to encourage people to return to the workforce? This article lists them, along with states providing incentives. Read More


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