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MWE Advisor July Highlights

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July highlights from The MWE Advisor: The tax consequences of borrowing from a retirement plan; Hot mid-year tax planning ideas for individuals.

Tax Consequences of Borrowing From a Retirement Plan

Under some circumstances, you can borrow from your retirement account, depending on the type of plan you have. But should you? Only if you’re aware of the tax consequences and the implications a loan can have on your future retirement funds. This article answers some questions about how much you can borrow, whether the interest is deductible and other issues to consider before signing loan documents.
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Hot Midyear Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals

The second half of 2019 has begun. Have you given any thought to your current federal tax situation? Fortunately, you still have several more months to make changes. Here are some areas to consider — including fine-tuning your investments, making tax-savvy gifts, converting IRAs and avoiding the alternative minimum tax — to help lower your tax hit in 2019 and beyond.
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