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MWE Advisor December Highlights

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December highlights from The MWE Advisor: FAQs about home office deductions; If you have extra cash on hand, should you accelerate your home mortgage payments?

FAQs about Home Office Deductions

Many taxpayers are unclear about the rules for deducting home office expenses under current tax law. While employees may no longer deduct unreimbursed business expenses through 2026, many self-employed individuals still may be eligible for a home office deduction. Here are the rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, including a few tricks to help you maximize your deduction. Read More

Should You Pay Down Your Home Mortgage Early?

Guaranteed investment strategies can be hard to find given today’s low interest rates and volatile stock prices. If you have extra cash on hand that you’re looking to invest, a safe bet might be right under your nose — making accelerated home mortgage payments. Here’s how this strategy can add up, along with a potential drawback to factor into your decision. Read More

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