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MWE Advisor August Highlights

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August highlights from The MWE Advisor newsletter: understanding your social security retirement benefits and business identification thefts, and the ABCs of higher education tax breaks.

Understand Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

Are you or a loved one nearing retirement age? Many seniors are uncertain about their federal retirement benefits, including when benefits start, how to apply, who qualifies for survivors benefits and whether benefits will be subject to income tax. Here are the basics, along with the highlights from a recent report on the Social Security system.
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Business ID Theft: Is Your Data at Risk?

Cyberattacks against individual taxpayers are down, thanks to security measures set forth by federal and state tax agencies. But thefts of business data are rising, and the costs of these breaches can be significant. Here’s more on this trend, along with simple, but effective, ways businesses can help minimize the risk of tax-related identity theft.
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Learn the ABCs of Higher Education Tax Breaks

It’s back to school season. If you or a loved one will be attending college or graduate school this fall, it’s a good idea to review the federal tax breaks that are currently available for higher education costs. One of these breaks was extended only through 2016, although Congress may decide to extend it longer as part of its tax reform efforts. Here are the details, along with important information on applying for financial aid.
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