How to spend less, much less, in 2019

Infographic: 5 ways to dramatically reduce personal spending this year.

How to spend less in 2019 - How to spend less, much less, in 2019

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Infographic: Grinches don’t deserve your generosity

How to spend less, much less, in 2019 If you track personal expenses, you've probably noticed that small changes - for example, eat out less - can free up cash. But if you're looking for more dramatic cuts, consider making these lifestyle changes:
  1. Ditch the luxury car. Whether you drive a pricey import or a mid-range model, you could scale back to a more budget-friendly vehicles with better gas mileage.
  2. Downsize your home. A smaller residence may make sense if your children have flown the nest. If you still need space, check out less-costly neighborhoods or homes on smaller lots.
  3. Cancel cable. you may not need that $100+ a month cable package if you can catch your favorite shows via Netflix, Hulu or similar services as a lower (or no) cost.
  4. Renegotiate Contracts. Did you sign your cellphone contract or buy life insurance years ago when your need were different? Look for better deals now.
  5. Talk to a financial professional. There may be cost-cutting and planning opportunities you haven't thought of.
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