Grinches don’t deserve your generosity

Infographic: Five signs that a “charity” might be fraudulent.

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Infographic: Get your (inventory) act together

Grinches don't deserve your generosityNo good deed - not event a charitable contribution - is safe from the greed of fraudsters. As you donate to charity this holiday season, look out for these five signs that an organization might not be legitimate:
  1. Confusing name. The charity's name (and URL) is suspiciously similar to that of a reputable nonprofit.
  2. Lack of information. The charity offers few details about itself and you can't find anything about it on sites such as and
  3. No tax ID. The organization doesn't provide a tax ID number that can be verified by the IRS.
  4. High pressure. Representatives engage in aggressive sales tactics, such as door-to-door and phone solicitations.
  5. Limited payment forms. The group requests cash or wire transfers and doesn't accept checks or credit card.
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