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Good To Know: Tips on Career Search and the Working World

MWE Year One 2014 HEADER - Good To Know: Tips on Career Search and the Working World


Smart questions will always win you points during a job interview. But questions about basic information that’s easily found online show you didn’t bother to research the company at all. Spend some time with your prospective accounting firm’s website – it’s a sure-fire way to make a good impression.

Social Media

As your accounting job search begins, make sure your online presence sends the right messages. Review your social media accounts for posts or photos that could be embarrassing to you, your employer or your clients. (Don’t forget friends’ post where you may have been tagged.) On the other hand, accomplishments or awards, exciting experiences like traveling abroad and thoughtful comments about your profession or current events can make you a more attractive candidate. Put your best foot forward!

Dress Code

Once you’ve joined the firm, you’ll need to look the part. Your wardrobe for work should be neat and polished. Choose conservative styles and colors; you can add your personal touch with accessories like belts and jewelry. What not to wear: anything provocative, revealing, ill-fitting or rumpled.

Art of Conversation

The art of conversation is important at work. Whether you’re speaking with co-workers, supervisors or clients, smile, make eye contact and show you’re listening by asking relevant questions. Everyone is busy, so be sure to ask if it’s a good time for a question or a chat. Always thank people for their help.


Use discretion with email. Don’t use it for topics that are sensitive, and resist the temptation to be humorous. Be friendly but businesslike, even with people you consider friends.

No Work?

Have a little downtime? Ask your boss if there’s any work you can help with. Accounting managers are always pleased when staff take initiative and show interest in the company and their work.

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