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Does daylight saving time save on energy costs?

Fun fact: Why some legislators in one state want to give up Daylight Saving Time.

DST full - Does daylight saving time save on energy costs?


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Does Daylight Saving Time Save on Energy Costs?If a Georgia Senate bill becomes law, the state would be the third (after Arizona and Hawaii) to abandon daylight saving time (DST). Some legislators say the change could reduce certain health risks - not to mention sleeplessness and confusion.One question is, does clocks forward in the spring do, as intended, save energy? The Department of Energy says DST saves about 0.5% electricity per day, or 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours. This is equal to what roughly 100,000 households use in one year.But some independent studies have reached different conclusions. For example, the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research found that savings to to reduced demand for lighting are more than offset by increased demand for heating and cooling.So as it's been for more than a century, the jury's out.Sources: Newsweek, Popular Mechanis, National Bureau of Economic Research