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Fall Clean Up – SALT Considerations When Merging or Liquidating Entities – Beware of Hidden State Tax Dangers in Those Leaves

Wow, October is almost gone! One of my favorite but perhaps most frustrating chores this month is raking the leaves. There are several huge Pin Oaks around my home that provide great shade in the summer and a blanket of leaves in the fall. I always rake the leaves into one or two huge piles…

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Connecticut Law Boosts Tax Revenue from Multistate Corporations

Connecticut is known as the “Nutmeg State” because its early settlers were considered ingenious and shrewd for recognizing the value of nutmeg and selling it to travelers. Early this summer, the state lived up to its shrewd reputation when its General Assembly passed a budget bill containing provisions that would (among other provisions) increase…

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New York State Tax Department Switches Banks – Affecting Taxpayers with Debit Blocks on Their Accounts

The New York State Tax Department is switching banks – and that should make you sit up and take notice if you or your clients use debit block services to electronically pay one or more New York State taxes. You only have until June 25, 2015 to contact your bank and have them add…

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Taxpayer “Victory” in Direct Marketing Case – But Multistate Retailers Shouldn’t Do the Snoopy Dance of Joy Just Yet

In a seeming victory for online retailers, the U.S. Supreme Court last week ruled that the Tax Injunction Act does not bar a retailer from bringing a suit in federal court. The suit originally brought by the Direct Marketing Association involved whether Colorado could force online retailers to report purchases made by their…

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Marketplace Fairness Act Meets Another Detour as a New Proposal Circulated for Online Sales Tax Simplication

Is the new Congress planning to alter some of the unpopular provisions of the 2013 Marketplace Fairness Act? It sure seems like it. On January 13th, House Judiciary Chairman, Representative Bob Goodlatte, circulated a draft of the  Online Sales Simplification Act of 2015.  As reported in a Bloomberg BNA article,  Read More

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Multistate Tax ‘Nexus in Texas’ Alert – Comptroller Decision Sounds Sales Tax Warning For Software Providers

As someone who regularly tunes into the Weather Channel, I keenly appreciate how meteorologists recognize dangerous patterns and potentially significant storms through analysis of weather hundreds of miles and days away from a location.  This ability to predict weather emergencies allow us to prepare and “batten down the hatches” well in advance of the…

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