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New York State Tax Department Switches Banks – Affecting Taxpayers with Debit Blocks on Their Accounts

The New York State Tax Department is switching banks – and that should make you sit up and take notice if you or your clients use debit block services to electronically pay one or more New York State taxes. You only have until June 25, 2015 to contact your bank and have them add…

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In Search of a New Jersey Gross Income Tax Treasure – Don’t Forget the Alternative Business Calculation Adjustment

Searching for opportunities to reduce our clients’ New Jersey Gross Income Tax costs in the midst of the closing days of our 2014 tax busy season, we revisited one of New Jersey’s relatively recent legislative changes – the Alternative Business Calculation Adjustment. The inability to offset income and losses occurring in different business categories…

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States’ Record High Tax Years Beat the Miami Heat To Three-Peat Heaven – What That Could Mean for Multistate Taxpayers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, state government tax coffers are overflowing. They rose for the third consecutive year to $846.2 billion in 2013, with total state tax revenues increasing by 6.1% over the year before. It’s a safe bet to say states are pleased with their progress and will use every tool in their…

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