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Marketplace Fairness Act Meets Another Detour as a New Proposal Circulated for Online Sales Tax Simplication

Is the new Congress planning to alter some of the unpopular provisions of the 2013 Marketplace Fairness Act? It sure seems like it. On January 13th, House Judiciary Chairman, Representative Bob Goodlatte, circulated a draft of the  Online Sales Simplification Act of 2015.  As reported in a Bloomberg BNA article,  Read More

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Multistate Tax ‘Nexus in Texas’ Alert – Comptroller Decision Sounds Sales Tax Warning For Software Providers

As someone who regularly tunes into the Weather Channel, I keenly appreciate how meteorologists recognize dangerous patterns and potentially significant storms through analysis of weather hundreds of miles and days away from a location.  This ability to predict weather emergencies allow us to prepare and “batten down the hatches” well in advance of the…

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Polar Vortexes and November Blizzards – Time to Winterize Your Multistate Tax Machine

It is not even Thanksgiving, but already as the news reported yesterday, US braces for more icy temperatures and snow as ferocious storm lingers.  Many years ago I adopted an approach for dealing with Northeast winters.  My approach centered around assessment, preparation and planning.  I called it “winterizing.” My son…

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In Search of a New Jersey Gross Income Tax Treasure – Don’t Forget the Alternative Business Calculation Adjustment

Searching for opportunities to reduce our clients’ New Jersey Gross Income Tax costs in the midst of the closing days of our 2014 tax busy season, we revisited one of New Jersey’s relatively recent legislative changes – the Alternative Business Calculation Adjustment. The inability to offset income and losses occurring in different business categories…

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Must Reads For Your Summer Leisure – New York Hits The Shore With A Wave of Sales Tax Bulletins and Advisories

Each year the joy of Summer seems to more quickly pass into the demands of the Fall.  Perhaps your summer, like mine, is a coveted time to catch up on non-technical reading.  However, last week the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance issued approximately 15 Sales Tax Technical Bulletins and several Technical…

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2014 Multistate Tax Road Trip – New Jersey Budget May Create Tax Traffic Headaches for Multistate Taxpayers

New Jersey’s Fiscal 2015 Budget, signed by Governor Chris Christie on June 30, 2014, includes Assembly Bill 3486 which contains tax provisions that may increase multistate taxpayers’ New Jersey income taxes.  In addition, the bill includes “click-through” nexus provisions that may impose New Jersey sales tax nexus upon non-New Jersey…

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2014 Multistate Tax Road Trip – Detour – New York Issues Nonresident Audit Guidelines with Comments on Gaied Decision

As I was finalizing some research addressing a New York nonresident issue, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the State of New York Department of Taxation and Finance just issued its 2014 Nonresident Audit Guidelines. It appears that these revised guidelines incorporate the State’s view of the ramifications arising from the  recent…

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2014 Multistate Tax Road Trip – Setting Out On The Dynamic Highway Known As State Tax Nexus – Some Basics For the Nexus Entrance Ramp Discussion

As we launch our 2014 Multistate Tax Road Trip, we will stop periodically at areas that despite their familiarity still warrant our time and attention. Today, we will visit with the concept of nexus. Even in 2014, state tax nexus continues to be a lightning rod for discussion, controversy and concern. Let’s begin our journey with a brief…

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