Because you believe in second chances

Infographic: Remarrying? Here are five ways to protect everyone’s financial interests.

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Because you believe in second chancesIf this isn't your first trip down the aisle, you and your spouse-to-be likely bring more - including financial assets and, possibly, children - to the marriage. To protect everyone's interests and start your journey together on the right foot:
  1. Review all assets and liabilities. Should you combine accounts and property or maintain separate ownership? If one spouse has significant debt (or child support payments), how will you manage it as a couple?
  2. Update paperwork. Change insurance and retirement account beneficiary designations. Also revise your will or estate plan.
  3. Consider a trust. a QTIP trust can help provide for your current spouse and for children from a previous marriage.
  4. Make tax plans. Will you file joint or separate tax returns? How will you handle other tax issues?
  5. Get professional advice. We can help you with tax and financial matters. You should also consult an attorney because marriage laws vary widely by state.