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An Evolving Profession: Accountancy Then and Now

MWE Year One 2014 HEADER - An Evolving Profession: Accountancy Then and Now

Like all businesses, public accountancy in New York and all over the country has changed over the years. It wasn’t so long ago that accounting firms were male-dominated, everyone wore stuffy suits to work and cigar smoke filled the air during meetings.

Today, the ranks of new accountants are an even mix of male and female. Women occupy many leadership positions, and the number is growing all the time. Business casual is the norm, except for special occasions, and employee wellness and work-life balance are high priorities.

The public accountancy field now makes its needs known in the public arena, advocating for legislation that benefits our professionals and our clients. And professional development is part of the very fabric of accounting life, with ongoing mandatory training to make sure partners and associates are up to speed with the latest issues and regulations.

Today, the field is more respected than ever. By keeping up with the times and looking forward, MWE remains a great place for a career.

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