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How to shape up your working capital

Working capital — current assets minus current liabilities — is a common measure of liquidity. High liquidity generally equates with low risk, but excessive amounts of cash tied up in working capital may detract from growth opportunities and other spending options, such as expanding to new markets, buying equipment and paying down debt. Here are…

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MWE Advisor May Highlights

May highlights from The MWE Advisor newsletter include: financial survival tips for recent college grads, distinguishing between capital and ordinary gains and losses, plus 10 simple, fun ways to cut taxes this summer.

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Financial Survival Tips for Recent College Graduates

Graduation can be one of the most exciting — and intimidating — times in your life. You’re officially an adult, and with that new-found independence comes financial responsibilities. No pressure, but the decisions you make today about spending and saving can mean the difference between struggling for the rest of your life and building a…

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10 Simple (and Fun) Ways to Cut Taxes This Summer

It’s already starting to feel like summer in many parts of the country. But the forecast for Washington remains unclear as officials continue to discuss various tax-related issues. No matter what happens in Washington, don’t get stuck in a holding pattern yourself. Give some attention to business and personal tax planning this summer. Here are…

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Good To Know: Tips on Career Search and the Working World

Interview Smart questions will always win you points during a job interview. But questions about basic information that’s easily found online show you didn’t bother to research the company at all. Spend some time with your prospective accounting firm’s website – it’s a sure-fire way to make a good impression. Social Media As your accounting job search…

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Real estate investor vs. professional: Why it matters

  Income and losses from investment real estate or rental property are passive by definition — unless you’re a real estate professional that materially participates in each activity. Why does this matter? Passive income may be subject to the 3.8% net investment income tax (NIIT), and passive losses generally are deductible only against passive income,…

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VIDEO: MWE Escape The Office Challenge

In early-May, MWE held our “ESCAPE THE OFFICE” Challenge! Teams of four raced against the clock to figure out how to escape our prison-themed conference room.  Everyone had a blast solving the riddles, finding the clues, and working together to find their way out. And you can find the video here:

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