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Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP ("MWE") is one of the largest accounting and business advisory firms in the Northeast. Since 1946, MWE has been providing accounting, auditing, tax planning and advisory services. Today, the scope of our services embraces virtually every industry and market niche.

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Could You Be Liable Under NY’s Recent “Bulk Sale” Guidance – Even if You’re Not a Buyer?
The implications of New York State’s guidance on bulk sales may have far-reaching consequences and could result in personal liability for the “buyer” - even in a transfer that is technically not a “sale.” In June of 2013, nearly 30 years after New York issued its seminal guidance on bulk sales in TSB-M-83(6)S and during which period the State issued minor guidance on the topic, New York State issued a new technical bulletin TB-70 regarding bulk sales. In this bulletin, the state spelled out what transactions are considered “bulk sale” transactions for sales tax – and that guidance is disconcerting. 

Data Mining and Multistate Taxpayers – Welcome to the 21st Century
As budget demands for more revenue intensifies, states are employing sophisticated technology to boost tax dollars –a move which has significant implications for multistate taxpayers. States are increasingly using data mining software to examine current taxpayers, discover new taxpayers, verify taxpayer data, and identify taxpayer inconsistencies. Coupled with the states’ adoption of aggressive nexus initiatives, every business – even those that historically have not filed in more than one state – should be aware that this data mining intelligence is out there and could end up targeting them.